Monday, 12 January 2015


Brunching is cool okay.

I haven't made a post since last year! Im pretty sure you can tell from my absence that I have had quite a heck of an end of a year. Uni is busy as hell and considering how much photos and filming I have been doing I would have more photos and things to blog about! But ahhh, at the end of the day after 9 hours of filming or like doing editing at night and early mornings or may it be writing scripts on my day off, I get absolutely exhausted and blogging becomes a small idea which is reserved for sleepless nights after Ive done everything haha reading back at my posts so much has changed and remembering how I felt when I wrote it makes me feel nostalgic!

Its summer here in Australia and I literally just experienced 50 shades of Brown. The sun here in Australia is killer and even if I bathe myself in SPF one billion I will still blacken like there is no tomorrow. Thank goodness I go back to my original colour after a few days! any who, I have been spending my days at the beach when I have my days off and staying over at my friends houses when things get a little stressful to wind me down. 

Anyway this was just a little post to start me off 2015. Forever wondering what this year has got in store for me.

Love and Happy Vibes xxx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

[FOTD] Smokey Eyes w/ Mac Cyber and Diva mixed together!

Face: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC44, Stila All over shimmer, Mac Strobe Cream (for highlighting), Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge and Dream matte mousse in caramel for contouring.

Eyes: Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Benefit They're Real! Push up liner, Benefit They're Real! Mascara and Model Co. eyeliner on my top waterline. Urban Decay Blackout, Bootycall and Foxy

Brows: Elf brow kit in medium, Mac Pro Longer waterproof brow set in Brown Ebony

Lips: Mac Diva mixed with Mac Cyber

Im not going anywhere for halloween but I still wanted to look somewhat festive  while I wander around the streets haha So here it is! Its dark but still wearable for daytime (in my opinion)

Anyway love and happy vibes from me as always xx 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stress levels and Retail Therapy

After working 7 days in a row ( a full on 7am-5:30pm day! ), I finally had a day off! But that day was spent at orientation at Uni and picking the subjects I wanted to take for the semester. Just by looking at my timetable, I am already dreading the 6:30 morning wake ups and the dreaded 30 minute bus ride. On a side note my campus is quite beautiful and so relaxing to look at. They even have bean bag beds all over campus grass everywhere! Im pretty sure I am definitely gunna need those for much needed power naps to get through my hectic week! I had to take 4 units for this semester which means I had 100% workload. That and working means coffee will be my new best friend! 

Here I am deep in thought on whether to have Nandos for lunch
I won a coffee tumbler & Monopoly Perth Edition!

So the highlight of my very hectic week is that my Asos package arrived! I was impressed with how fast it arrived to me. Imagine my surprise when I got a notification that my parcel arrived a week early than estimated time! I will definitely be posting my haul sometime soon. I am dead tired at the moment and I feel that this somewhat massive haul deserve a good long post as I took loads of photos of the items hehe 

Oh and I did settle on to dropping by to Nandos for lunch! hah, and of course I snapped a pic of it :) Didn't have my usual quarter chicken since I just wanted something smaller for the day! I didn't mind though, it was still amazing just as everything on the menu hahaha

Yes, its definitely as yummy as it looks!!

Well its time for me to head off to sleep as I have a busy day booked out tomorrow as per usual, but thank god I start work at 4pm!

Love and Happy Vibes from meeeee  xxxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lovely Dusk candles!

So recently a lot of the shops here in Perth are having massive sales on. It so happens that my favourite candle and scents shop, Dusk, has a 70% off sale on their items! My boyfriend already gifted me my favourite candle (Vanilla scented) a few weeks ago. So I decided to look around and see if there are any new candle scents I would like to branch out on. Surprisingly I found quite a few which was right on my alley and so I got one of their Connoisseur Cafe Collection which was Strawberry Shake scented. I lit that baby up as soon as I got home and WOW it was like heaven, if you are a sweet scent lover then that would be candle for you! Another one I picked out is from their Destinations collection and its called Vienna which was Cranberry & Vanilla scented :) Another must. I haven't tried it out yet but I am sure they live up to their expectations since Dusk has never disappointed me. I also got myself a mirror candle plate which cost me $6, I am very happy with this buy since it is such a lovely idea and it looks and fits right in on my bedside table. It makes the candle much more aesthetically pleasing and I am one of those people who gets bothered if something doesn't quite fit haha. Anyway the candles cost around $5 each which was a steal so I am so so pleased with all my buys today :) I will also show you guys in my next post all about my massive jewellery haul!

Do you guys have favourite scents which you always run to for candles?

Love and happy vibes xx

You don't fool me

Sunday, 1 June 2014


More on Golden Flowers & Cheetahs

Love the lace cross details at the back of my jumpsuit :)

Hey there! This is my outfit for the day and all I can say it that I LOVE this jumpsuit to bits! It is so comfortable and it fits your figure very well. I hate those jumpsuits where it comes in on to your waist and you eat one damn cookie and you are suddenly pregnant with what looks like a 9 month old food baby haha this one gives you room to breathe yet keeps your body looking curvaceous and hot hot hot! Anyway todays shenanigans contained a lot of work outs at the gym, listening to music and relaxing and trying out meditating with some vanilla incense since I have been so bothered with useless things lately and I needed a way to calm myself down :) I am still waiting on my tiny teatox to come through the mail but I mean its sunday, and no way I am paying that extra $$ just to satisfy my impatience! Overall I am feeling very good and my energy levels are great. Only 7 more days until my boyfriend comes back home and I am sooo excited to get him back :) 

Do you guys have a favourite jumpsuit?

Love and happy vibes from meeee xxx







    , in JEWELRY



    , in JEWELRY