Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stress levels and Retail Therapy

After working 7 days in a row ( a full on 7am-5:30pm day! ), I finally had a day off! But that day was spent at orientation at Uni and picking the subjects I wanted to take for the semester. Just by looking at my timetable, I am already dreading the 6:30 morning wake ups and the dreaded 30 minute bus ride. On a side note my campus is quite beautiful and so relaxing to look at. They even have bean bag beds all over campus grass everywhere! Im pretty sure I am definitely gunna need those for much needed power naps to get through my hectic week! I had to take 4 units for this semester which means I had 100% workload. That and working means coffee will be my new best friend! 

Here I am deep in thought on whether to have Nandos for lunch
I won a coffee tumbler & Monopoly Perth Edition!

So the highlight of my very hectic week is that my Asos package arrived! I was impressed with how fast it arrived to me. Imagine my surprise when I got a notification that my parcel arrived a week early than estimated time! I will definitely be posting my haul sometime soon. I am dead tired at the moment and I feel that this somewhat massive haul deserve a good long post as I took loads of photos of the items hehe 

Oh and I did settle on to dropping by to Nandos for lunch! hah, and of course I snapped a pic of it :) Didn't have my usual quarter chicken since I just wanted something smaller for the day! I didn't mind though, it was still amazing just as everything on the menu hahaha

Yes, its definitely as yummy as it looks!!

Well its time for me to head off to sleep as I have a busy day booked out tomorrow as per usual, but thank god I start work at 4pm!

Love and Happy Vibes from meeeee  xxxx

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