Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lovely Dusk candles!

So recently a lot of the shops here in Perth are having massive sales on. It so happens that my favourite candle and scents shop, Dusk, has a 70% off sale on their items! My boyfriend already gifted me my favourite candle (Vanilla scented) a few weeks ago. So I decided to look around and see if there are any new candle scents I would like to branch out on. Surprisingly I found quite a few which was right on my alley and so I got one of their Connoisseur Cafe Collection which was Strawberry Shake scented. I lit that baby up as soon as I got home and WOW it was like heaven, if you are a sweet scent lover then that would be candle for you! Another one I picked out is from their Destinations collection and its called Vienna which was Cranberry & Vanilla scented :) Another must. I haven't tried it out yet but I am sure they live up to their expectations since Dusk has never disappointed me. I also got myself a mirror candle plate which cost me $6, I am very happy with this buy since it is such a lovely idea and it looks and fits right in on my bedside table. It makes the candle much more aesthetically pleasing and I am one of those people who gets bothered if something doesn't quite fit haha. Anyway the candles cost around $5 each which was a steal so I am so so pleased with all my buys today :) I will also show you guys in my next post all about my massive jewellery haul!

Do you guys have favourite scents which you always run to for candles?

Love and happy vibes xx

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