Saturday, 11 January 2014

Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos

Recently I have been really considering getting a tattoo, but I want to design it myself and I don't want to stick anything on my skin that I know I will get bored of in a couple of weeks, years etc. Then I decided to go back and check out my drawings tattooed on random people. They are all so lovely and they approach me in the most polite way possible about getting permission to get it done. Here is my drawing "Oh Deer" really well done. He must have gone to a hell of an artist cuz them lines 0_0 . Apparently thin lines hurt like hell as well. I like intricate designs so I guess I am going to go down that pain route so I better prepare myself. 

 Someone already mentioned that this may turn out to be a hairy owl in a few weeks.

owls, owls, and more owls

Sometimes, like the photo above, I'd just be scrolling through random websites then BAM,  wait what is that my drawing? holy shit it lives, wait a second how come I never got to hear about this one, god dammit.... I only ask for an after photo to most of the design that I've already published but shit people forget. I don't really mind to be  honest its pretty fun always finding random people on the internet with my tattoo haha

I actually really like this one. I prefer it when it was black and white. I just looks so badass.

Overall I am very flattered all these people got my drawings and there are still a few out there in the process of getting some done and I can't wait to check out the final outcome. I still don't know what I would get for mine, at the moment I'm into flowers and drawing a red lotus. All it really comes down to is the colour and since I have dark skin it is soooo limited for me, colours won't come out as they should and bleurgh, Im a perfectionist and I'd want my tattoo to look exactly like what it was designed to be, sigh there is always the good old black and white but wheres the fun in that, I may have to pull off some black and white orgasmic shit for it to be good enough for me to not get bored haha


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