Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Singapore Shopping Haul


I know its only my first week of being here in Singapore so its pretty bad how I've hit pretty much all the major stores for all these goodies. To be fair we don't have this in Perth and its too expensive to buy anything there so I literally haven't bought anything for months and I'm in need for some retail therapy! haha I am on a strict budget plan though thank god or else I would spend all my money on the first day right there and then! I am going to admit I am terrible when you put me in a shop but I've been so terrible with shopping for years that I can honestly say nobody can rip me off and I am a pro at finding the best thing at sales. I am all for getting the most out of your money, so all of these items were mostly under $10-$15. This post will be just for the clothes because I feel the makeup and Lush haul deserves a post of their own later on when I do try them. This is quite a massive post so click read on down below to see the full post.

H&M Velvet Dress:
It was on sale for only $7! It has a really sleek waist cut and it hugs my body really well. My only problem is that since I have been hitting the gym I am currently shedding a lot of weight and since I bought this and got a medium I may not be able to fit it in the future. I know my mum would be able to alter it but I can only hope she has the time to do it in her busy schedule! I also found that H&M does sales for different categories pretty much everyday and each item they put up like these ones are such a steal. It makes you go OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE THIS which itself is a bad thing in some aspect because some designs were not that good but the price were so low that you were lured in so bad and walk away doubting if you should get it since its so cheap, some items were down to $2!!

Flea Market crop top:
This cost me $2. This top is very me. Studs and everything. I actually like to wear white a lot but worry too much with getting it dirty haha I went to the flea market with my friend Belle and it was a little bit hectic fighting through people but it was fun nonetheless and I found this gem :)

Forever21 denim shorts:
I don't really know the original retail price of these shorts but I got it for $10 each which I thought was very good. I am into these kinds of patterned shorts and pairing it with plain black tops or anything drapey. I wouldn't say these shorts are completely denim though. They are a little bit stretchy which works for me because my butt is big, but the leg holes cuts are a little awkward because my legs are getting smaller and the holes are becoming to loose already! My mum is going to have to come to the rescue with some of these buys! hahaha 

H&M high waist skirt:
I know it may not look like it but this is actually quite a high waisted skirt! I got these for $17.90 but I don't have any simple nice fitting skirt and I took a liking to this material and how simple it is. At some points though it makes me go holy shit what did I get myself into because staring at it makes me have a little bit of a weird hypnotic headache hahaha It has a very tribal feel to it even though its just simple zigzags so I can wear patterned tops with this. I can see myself pairing this with a peplum skirt and I think thats what convinced me to buy this in the first place.

H&M bra:
This cost me $21 because it is limited edition and there were only a few left so they were just trying to get rid of it. I think originally it was $40+ but I am not quite sure and I have already ripped the tag off. I bought this bra because as you can see it is quite a unique design and the straps kind of remind me of suspenders! I wore this bra with the dress below and any similar cuts were the arm holes are very big and bra's are pretty much visible and if you dbf to wear a tube top and just want to look a tiny bit more edgier then this bra is perfect for it. Once again I find these items for a cheap price because I spend hours loitering shops sifting through everything and finding them. It really does take patience because it does get boring for some people after a while just looking through all the racks. Thats why I recommend when you shop alone make sure your phone is prepped with lots of awesome songs to accompany your shopping experience because shops have shitty music playing in their stores most of the time :P

H&M loose mid thigh length dress:
I quite like this dress especially when it is paired with the bra above. It is a very relaxed yet stylish outfit. It is very comfortable as well because it is so loose and the material is pretty thin so your body can breathe in the hot Singapore weather :) I got this in the sale section and paid $15 for this dress while its original retail price was $32.

H&M long sleeved crop top:
I thought I would need to wear some kind of a tube top underneath this crop top since the lines are made out of completely see through materials. Surprisingly I don't and I don't really mind. I bought this in Large because winter is coming up to Australia soon so I was thinking of layering this. I paid $17.90 for this top and I absolutely adore it I just have to wait for the right time to wear it :)

Forever21 mesh crop top:
I was considering on buying this in white but opted for the black instead. I got this for $12 and for people who know me this top is very ME. I like simple but edgy clothing. So of course the fact that the whole side of this top is clear mesh completely sucked me it. It somehow reminded me of spacey theme but I think I mostly got that from the white one which was very Tron like.

Forever21 dress:
I call this my Loki dress. I paid $39 for this dress and I don't even care because the main thing about this dress is that IF LOKI WAS A GIRL HE WOULD BE WEARING THIS. Or I could me Mrs. Loki, I don't really care anything goes just give me Loki already. hahaha This is my new favourite dress and like most of my wardrobe I usually connect most of my clothing to some kind of an inspiration. Which is fun for me and I think everyone should kind of acquire this trait haha it makes shopping much more exciting and since I have a wild imagination I usually see something and automatically connect it with something already. And this is why I have a shopping problem hahaha

Flea Market crop top:
 Just like my other flea market steal I got this for $2! I don't know what it is about lace or open back tops but when I find one I am so drawn to it and I just got to have it. This one was a double whammy so I immediately got it :)

Forever21 Glasses:
Yes I bought pretend glasses because I have always envied people who actually wear glasses which yes,  I know, who the hell wants bad eyes right? But I like the feeling of wearing glasses so I caved in my hipster needs and got me some of these babies. I also bought a pair of sunnies which actually hang on my nose. It has a slight cat eye design hint which I like and it fits comfortably on my face, which is a hard thing to find for me because I have a tiny nose and nothing ever fits right! I got these for $15. The clear glasses were priced $10 but when I went to the counter it was only $5 so that was a nice surprise :)

So yeah as you can see I had a pretty successful week hitting the shops. I also got a few gym outfits but I have used them all so they are in the wash. I have been a very good gym rat going everyday for at least 2 hours. It has gone to the point where my body doesn't feel right if I don't do some sort of exercise and walking around the shops doesn't count! haha I haven't weighed myself lately but I figured it wouldn't matter but there are some physical changes already which motivates me to go to the gym more. I still haven't posted my gym routine and I promise I will sometime soon but I have been soooo busy wandering around at the end of the day I've been too knackered to blog haha 

Adios for now and happy vibes all the way from Singapore!
P.S I shall do a post about all the food here I have been eating! I have been the typical Asian and been taking photographs for pretty much all my meals here hehe xx

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