Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In Singapore!

I am finally home and it feels pretty good.

I am finally back to the place I call home. I have lived in lots of countries, visited lots of foreign cities, fallen in love with unknown parts of the world. But there can only really be one place where you feel the excitement when the pilot tells you, you are landing soon and you frantically try to spot it up from above. Then you get that wave of relief knowing that its really happening. THERE IT IS. A lot of Third Culture Kids would know, a lot of the times we are at the airport is when we realise if we REALLY like the country or not. There can either be a "oh this place again" reaction or the "HOLY CRAP IM REALLY HERE" there is only one place where the latter happens and thats just for Perth. I love places full of culture, a bustling city full of life where you can take a bus and find yourself emerged with people who love their country and make efforts to make it more beautiful than it already is, find yourself in streets where you can feel the years upon the buildings and its kind of saying to you, here I am, still where I have been for years, look at me and how the people around me trusted me with their stories and parts of their lives and loved me in the process. New buildings, old buildings. The people who live in them, or kiss in front of them, or just walk past them on their usual route home. In perth you can take a bus and people will be fighting, police get involved tired of the same shit everyday, it will take you to places people hate because statues are put up and people hate it or it is isolated because nobody appreciates them. Everybody is in a bad mood there. Not enough young people and shops close at 5pm. It is not full of life, it is full of tired eyes, people dreaming of places they could be, dreaming of trips to Bali, to Melbourne to Sydney. Shops are isolated due to high prices, Restaurants are dying because there is a big lack of customers, the only place you find life is at the markets, and guess what. It is because MY PEOPLE , Asians, are there screaming their fruits and vegetables low prices, how young peoples eyes light up because they found something they can actually afford, international students finding their home food, finding funky things like special tea blends which you've never heard of before, or eyebrow threading for $5-$10. Its the little things.

I am very lucky to be able to travel the world the way I have and still do. It has also made me realise where I really want to be in the world and what I can do to make it happen. I have a plan now and it makes me feel at ease especially during this trip. I feel safe and secure and good things are coming. And I know I can make things happen with effort. I am a Third Culture Kid. And I am not scared of seeing the world. My career is going to open doors and when they do show up, well damn I am going to knock them down like a fireman. But gracefully of course, with my high heels and eyes armed with winged liner lol.

I have not been up to crazy amounts of stuff yet, I have only been here for 2 days. I have of course shopped a little but not too much. I shall update you with that haul soon from H&M :) Chinese New Year is coming up and I am very excited for it. This is what I miss and I wouldn't change where I am, at this moment, on this very second, this is where I am meant to be. I feel that all those mishaps in the past happened for a reason, forget about the people who are negative to you, forget all the things you know you can't change, then you can get a clear head, then you can see you are worth so much more and can achieve so many things with all that power within you to pursue your dream, or be able to appreciate the tiny things in life. You can be happy. Anyway I have to go run around like a chicken to work out my pig out sessions lately. Being in Singapore won't stop me from my goal of losing depression weight :P I have already seen some changes but baby steps go a long way. 

Adios for now and happy vibes from Singapore!

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