Thursday, 16 January 2014

Gal Pals

This is me, Erssy and Amy. So basically we have created this little group of ours and we sit around bitching about how were stuck in a shithole and how much better our countries are and we are totally rad, and we also dance around, swim at my pool, get drunk, attempt to have fun at clubs, have parties at my place and tomorrow they are sleeping over to see me before I leave and we will do our nails and do girly shit because we can. The cool thing is that Erssy is also from Singapore so she will most likely be in Singapore while I'm there too. Which is just fucking awesome cuz then I will have a little buddy to venture around orchard with since most of my friends there in Uni or I just don't want to see the people from my high school cuz I actually really hate their guts so why should I waste my time on them lol. So anyway, probably gunna take pics tomorrow and such but until I'm in Singapore I probably won't blog much since theres nothing here in perth haha

adios xx

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