Friday, 3 January 2014

Asian Brownie

Finding that safe "look"

Since I have dark skin it is actually quite hard to do all those fancy colourful looks. Like no matter how expensive the makeup is or how pigmented it just ends up looking too flashy when I usually go for the little hint but with colour still visible, or it just doesn't show at all and blending is just a bitch, because you know what, white powder or anything to blend it with is just... delightfully disastrous.. well for me anyway so thats something I can improve on and even though I've got a functioning brush set, maybe its time for an upgrade. I actually really love this look because it feels like I'm embracing the brown-ness hahaha 

Here is a crappy photo of all the products I used for this look

*Although my contouring powder isn't there so fyi I use Bodyography Every Finish Powder*

One day I will list it out but today I am too lazy to do it because it is 4am in the morning! I am actually so tired I can't sleep, I woke up today and just stayed in the gym the whole day, no its not a new years resolution, Ive been going for a few weeks cuz I feel so fat for the past few months and I KNOW I can lose weight and get fit I just gotta get with the program and ACTUALLY START. I lose weight very quickly and I am not sure if its the workout regime I have made and shaped for myself but for people interested I will make a post and updates of before and afters for a little motivation for everyone. I get very conscious when I gain weight so when I do shed them I shed them FAST and its mostly determination but hey if you want a good body then you gotta work for it ;)

Love and summer vibes all the way from Australia xx

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