Thursday, 9 January 2014

Every girls must have

Up until recently I haven't really been into robes. I've been home a lot and I find that when I'm not in such a rush it is sooo handy to have a robe around so you can relax and find an outfit. Not the usual headless chicken trying to put on anything just to protect you from the cold. This robe is from La senza and I'm not sure whether they are still selling these kind but when I went into the shop the bright neon colour just caught my eye and ohhh myy gooddd I must have it. It has such a light feel and the cut is just right and it is made out of silk material. It cost $100+ but it was well worth it and I can't say I've ever bought anything in La Senza that isn't "cheap". You only get what you pay for and the quality for all my La Senza items are definitely the best and stand out the most out of the other lingerie. 

Maybe a little too hot pink against my skin but I just love the colour so I don't care :)

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