Thursday, 2 January 2014


These past few months I've kind of just been spending it with my family

nothing crazy to do here in Perth so I've just been exercising like crazy but ill spill about it on another post :)

I don't get to see my siblings much anymore since my mum is filing for a divorce so when they do come over I overfeed them with junk food and let them watch any movie they want haha

My mum and my aunt looking fab on christmas day 

I put on makeup on my sister when she's over because she wants to learn how to start putting it on but has nobody to teach her at home

obligatory selfie

I thought I should share with you guys this awesome buy from Ally. It was only $12 and it was the last one. I always feel special when its the last one, its like I MUST HAVE IT CUZ NOBODY WILL HAVE IT. Which doesn't really make sense because you know its the last one for a reason : everyone bought it and so now its all sold. OH WELL its now my fave pair of shorts. 

oh yeah Adam and I like to bake together late at night for no reason at all haha

Close up on the cuppy cakes. I though it looked pretty coooool

This was one of the presents I got for christmas, its my baby bracelets and I can't believe how tiny my wrists were!

OH YES AND MY FAVOURITE BUY OF THE MONTH!! My little rings I don't know what they're really called but they make my fingers look that tiny bit extra fab and glittery. I love delicate looking things so the one on my fuck you finger is by far my favourite :)

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