Sunday, 8 December 2013

Violetbox : October Box

Yes it is a bit late for this! But my package got sent to my parents house so I only just got this magical box. So you are basking in its glory today!

When I opened this box my jaws literally dropped, like holy fuck shit are you kidding me Violetbox, you sent me a box full of makeup that I needed. If you haven't heard of Violetbox, well it is a monthly make-up subscription and the boxes have been AMAZING. Well for me anyway and I am actually quite tough to impress. I have been receiving boxes for around 6 months now and I am IMPRESSED as fuck. I MEAN LOOK AT IT.

 This months box valued up to approximately : AU $124.85 and I only paid $20 for the box
 Savoir Faire Lipgloss : RRP $25.00 full size
 Bodyography Every Finish Powder : RRP $59.95 full size
 Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow : RRP $18.00 full size
 John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Super Wrinkle Cream : RRP $28.95(50g) : I received 20g
APIVITA Face Masks : RRP $7.90 I received a two dose sachet

Im pretty sure you can tell that I am super happy with my box. As I've mentioned on my other posts we girls in Australia pay way too much for our cosmetics and subscribing to beauty boxes is a way of paying less for products and being introduced to the latest popular products. Violetbox has been excellent to me.

If you are subscribing to them as well tell me all about yours! I am always so keen to know what the other girls got :) Or just tell me what you think about the products I got and if you've got past usage of these before! 

Thanks for reading xx

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