Sunday, 8 December 2013

First Post!

Alrighty Then!! Lets get this blog running shall we?

Well recently I have found that I absolutely LOVE doing my nails. I mean I have always been interested but the industry I was in (Culinary Arts) pretty much made it impossible and almost none of the girls cared for their nails (Bleurgh right?) They even made snide comments on how I was always so well groomed! Well that didn't stop me! 
Australia is actually quite limited on their cosmetic ranges and it is proven we pay 200% more for our cosmetic so as you can imagine when I make my trips to cosmetic shops it usually becomes a trip of sighs and envious looks on all the products. I could turn green. Having lived in Singapore where anything cosmetic is affordable it is quite depressing looking at the prices on anything cosmetic related in shops! Anyhow I walked into Priceline ( A cosmetic shop ) a nail virgin and BAM! My eyes land on these Sally Hansen Lustre Collection and I am IN LOVE. 
I did gradient nails using a kitchen sponge and Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Azure (004) and Scarab (007) and a cheap old Black nail polish. 

I really need to find a way for keeping my cuticles neat but without damaging them, so far when I clean them up my hands are so dry I end up with cracked skin and peeling.

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Colour : AU$9.95 - In Priceline
Yeah it is quite pricey for a nail polish and I TOLD YOU SO but it is such a good buy and worth every cent because it is so easy to apply and it gives such a beautiful subtle shine.

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