Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Im not really a breakfast person so when I do cook breakfast for myself I literally have to have the best meal or else I just won't eat it. Having been raised by an asian mother, cereal and toasts will not just do it for a meal EVER! As a snack maybe but for anything to qualify as a meal it must have RICE or potatoes etc or else you're just starving yourself (in her eyes) haha.

M O V I N G   R I G H T   A L O N G

For breakfast I prepared myself :

Fresh Cucumber
Scrambled Eggs w/ Cherry Tomatoes
Shallow fried potatoes w/ chopped parsley

Cooking magic trick for bacon:
Before you fry/cook the bacon cover it with flour so that it becomes crunchy without deep frying it with oil, it also helps tone down the fiery demon oil spitting that lives within the bacon.
Trust me I went to Chef School 

For perfect scrambled eggs make sure that you put your heat on low because it REALLY doesn't take that long to overcook eggs and add the cherry tomatoes at the very end so that they do not become a whole lot of musy sludgy slimy stuff in your eggs. As for the potatoes, I like to cube mine and shallow fry them. Make sure to season them and be generous with the salt because potatoes are porous and they need a little bit of help, add the chopped parsley at the end and there you go! A yummy breakfast all for you :)

As you can see my breakfast must be somewhat complicated haha and I am a picky little thing so I need all the help I can get to find new ideas for breakfast, what do you guys have? Suggestions are always welcome :)

Thanks for reading xx


  1. This looks absolutely amazing! It puts our porridge to shame! Those potatoes look particularly mouth watering!!


    1. Thank you! I am not really a breakfast person so I put a lot of effort into making good breakfasts so that I actually eat SOMETHING :)